Decorate your Photos with These Apps for Android and iOS: The Best of 2023

Decorating or adding effects to your images is much easier thanks to the free photo decorating apps. With them you will get the most beautiful and striking selfie on social networks.

Don’t worry if you don’t know which one to download. We have taken care of collecting the best apps on the market for you.

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The Best Applications to Decorate Photos for Free with your Mobile

If you like to decorate your selfies, this selection of apps to decorate photos it will be very good for you:

Candy Camera: decorate your selfies

Possibly we are before the best app for selfies 2023. It is the ideal option to decorate and use filters to beautify your photos and thus show more amazing skin. Also to see you with more or less weight or add an eyeliner. And the best part is that these filters are applied in real time.

It is one of the most famous free photo decorating applications and includes the function of silent chamber.

Candy Camera – selfie
Candy Camera – selfie
Developer: Studio SJ
Price: Free
‎Candy Camera
‎Candy Camera
Developer: JP Brothers, Inc.
Price: Free

FotoCollage: add everything you want to your photos

If you need make collages with photos on Android, this app is for you. Although this is not its only function. Being an application to decorate photos for free, it has an endless number of different predetermined designs or with the option of creating your own.

The best part is that you won’t have to worry about originality. PhotoCollage includes everything you need for decoration, such as emojis for photos, pre-designed and personalized frames. And if you are looking for more professional modifications, the app will allow you to adjust the aspect ratios.

PicsArt: one of the most complete

Do you need an all-in-one application? PicsArt is what you are looking for. It is designed to give you a touch of originality to your images, thanks to its large number of filters. In addition, it has a wide variety of free photo frames for mobile phones.

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Because it is one of the most complete photo editing apps, it will also help you blur or remove backgrounds and add texts. This way you will get the most original photos.

Picsart Bilder bearbeiten KI
Picsart Bilder bearbeiten KI
‎Picsart Bilder bearbeiten AI
‎Picsart Bilder bearbeiten AI

YouCam Makeup: goodbye imperfections

In this case, it is an app for apply makeup live. But it also works as an app to decorate photos, allowing you to change the color of your hair and many other things. And thanks to your tool 360 degree editing you will get a more realistic finish.

A feature of this makeup application is your tool face refinement. It allows you to modify the facial features of your photos and then apply beauty filters. These filters are used to add, remove or modify almost any attribute of the photos, such as outline or lighting.

Happy Birthday Insta DP: Decorate your birthday photos

The applications to congratulate birthday such as Happy Birthday Insta DP offer lots of frames to decorate photos free. You can also add text with over 100 styles and color filters.

The app allows you to resize the frame and image to fit. And there is the option to publish the result on social networks. So you can surprise all the birthday boys.

Baby Photo Editor – Best Baby Photo Decorating App for Free

If you want to immortalize the birth of your baby, Baby Photo Editor can help you. It is an app for embellish baby photos which has decorative frames and beauty filters in real time.

But it also offers more advanced features, such as modify saturation and lighting, thus creating more eye-catching photos. Once all the changes and effects are to your liking, you can add text and create collages.

Baby Photo Editor
Baby Photo Editor
Developer: Piu Piu Apps
Price: Free

InFrame: add frames to your photos

Among the best-known applications to decorate photos with frames, there is InFrame. With it you will not have to worry about originality, because it has more than 100 frame designs. If you are an Instagram user, you can apply the blurred background and other effects to your posts.

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And the best thing is that the decorative filters are applied in real time, in addition to being able to save photos in high resolution. In case you are looking for a more professional finish, you can use the One-Stop tools. They will help you apply various touch-ups.

Unfold: decorate your photos for Instagram

One way to gain followers on Instagram in 2023 is to upload original and different content. To achieve this, the Unfold app offers you 250 pre-designed templates and various tools to export them in different resolutions.

We cannot forget that this app to decorate Instagram photos allows you to add text. An original photo would be incomplete without it and Unfold has a wide variety of fonts. Also with more than 10 effects and filters compatible with the social network.

Unfold: Story Maker & Editor
Unfold: Story Maker & Editor

Photo frame editor – a photo studio in your hand

This is the right option for create studio-quality photos. This program to decorate photos has specialized software with which to adapt the decorative frames to any type of image. It works with the photos you have saved, as well as in real time.

In addition to frames, it also has filters. His catalog is huge. And when you need to apply professional modifications, you can use all the options of the Photo studio.

Unlimited photo frames for Android

If you want to have frames of all themes, this is the app you were looking for. It has a collection of frames that increases every day compatible with all social networks.

Among other options, you can also add text and create collages. For these you can use a pre-designed grid or customize it according to your needs. And unlike other apps, it includes an AI to make decorating photos easy.

And here is the list of apps to decorate photos. Do you know any other? What did you think? What is the best app to decorate photos? What is the best photo frame app for you?

Bilderrahmen Unbegrenzt
Bilderrahmen Unbegrenzt
Developer: Csmartworld
Price: Free

Image credits: Unsplash.

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