Disney Plus Not Working: is it Down? Does it Stay Charging? Guide with Solutions

If you’ve come this far, Possibly Disney Plus is not working on your device. But, will it be the fault of your mobile? Or maybe it is a general error? In this guide I talk about the most common platform errors and their solutions.

The following sections contain information on common problems when using this streaming platform. Keep reading if Disney Plus movies do not load or do not open on your Smart TV.

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Is Disney Plus Failing? So you can Diagnose the Error

Despite the fact that most of the applications that you use in your day to day are stable and do not present bugs, sometimes difficulties arise.

For example, Wallapop may not let you log in. It is also common for an unknown Twitter error to appear or for you to look impatiently at Kodi not working.

Why do I put all these examples? Mainly, to show that not being able to connect to Disney Plus is a mistake, to some degree, common and customary. It is nothing that deviates from normality.

However, as explained when talking about Instagram down (or, equally, WhatsApp down), it is necessary to detect at what point the error occurs. This way you will know what solutions you should apply.

Therefore, I have structured this guide as follows:

  • Problem. In the title of each section, I describe a common failure of Disney Plus.
  • Diagnosis. I give you the steps to find out where the problem is.
  • Solutions. I provide you with the appropriate solutions in the form of steps or specific instructions.

Obviously, you are free to go to the section that suits you best, depending on the error you are experiencing. In the same way, I recommend that you bookmark this guide in your browser to retrieve it when necessary.

Disney Plus Won’t Open on My Device

Without a doubt, this could well be a bug on HBO Max or any other streaming platform. What is happening?

To find out at what point the error occurs, it’s as easy as open Disney Plus on another device. So, check out this checklist:

  • If everything goes well in the other terminal, it means that the fault is in your phone.
  • Conversely, if the platform does not open on any device, it is most likely a general problem.
  • What if Disney Plus does not load on a SmartTV, but yes on an Android mobile? Then it may be due to an app error for your TV system.

With this in mind, here are the most effective solutions for when the Disney Plus app won’t open.

Clear App Cache

Clearing the app cache is ideal when you have confirmed that the error occurs on your phone.

This is how you can do it:

  • Press on the Disney Plus icon for a long time.
  • Tap on Application Information.
  • Open the storage section or tap on Clean dataaccording to the interface of your phone.
  • Choose clear cache among the options that appear on the screen.

Additionally, if the error is not solved, you can use the tool Clear all data to reset the app. Remember that this forces you to log in again.

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This is a procedure that is only available for Android phones and Android TV. In iOS you can try the solutions that I propose below.

Restart Terminal

How long has it been since you restarted your device? Although current operating systems are designed to run indefinitely, turning your device off and on is a good idea if you have problems.

It is an effective solution for most of the cases. And the best thing is that it will take you less than a minute to put it into practice.

Update The App

Developers add functionality to their apps through updates. However, sometimes a new version includes bugs.

I recommend, especially if Disney Plus isn’t working on your devicethat you go to the store to check if there is a new version available.

Doing this is advisable on any operating system, whether you have the application on a smart TV, on an iOS mobile or on an Android phone. If you don’t know how to do it, read these posts on how to update apps on Android and update apps on iPhone.

Unable to Connect to Disney Plus

Now, I put the app aside and focus on your connection. What can you do when it is not possible to access Disney Plus?

To make a complete diagnosis of the failure, the ideal thing is to do this:

  • Wifi. Determine if the problem is with the wireless network by disabling it on your device. Connect to the platform with mobile data and see what happens.
  • Other devices. Again, it is highly effective to test on other devices. This way you will have the certainty of if Disney Plus has fallen or not.
  • phone settings. Try to test the connection from another device with the same operating system, whenever possible. This makes it easier for you to determine if there is a misconfiguration or not.

With this in mind, I tell you what are the possible solutions.

Home Connection Status

When the error that appears on the screen has to do with the connection, you should quickly go to another device to see what is happening.

For example, suppose you have problems with Disney Plus on your mobile. go to your computer or smart TV to try to enter the platform.

If the error is replicated on all devices, it is normal that Disney Plus is not working well. On the contrary, when it only happens on your mobile, you should follow some additional steps.

Connection on your Phone

OK, Disney Plus keeps loading on your phone. But what about the rest of the apps? Can you access web pages from the browser? Does Instagram load?

This tells you if there is a general problem with your device when it comes to connecting to the Internet. Try to move closer to the router or use mobile data.

Confirm if Disney Plus is Down

There is a page called downdetector that discloses incidents on the main Internet platforms. How could it be otherwise, it has a space dedicated to Disney Plus.

disney plus stays loading

And what can you do if you finally confirm that Disney Plus has stopped working? Basically, wait for the platform to recover its usual state.

Disney Plus does Not Load or does not Allow you to Access The Catalog

To conclude, I am going to review additional causes for which Disney Plus does not load on your phone or does not allow you to access the catalog. They will be useful to you if none of the above has worked.

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Subscription Status

Sometimes errors that appear when trying to sign in to Disney Plus are related to your subscription. Without going any further, perhaps you activated the service with the annual paymentbut you canceled the automatic renewal.

The normal thing in these cases is that the platform notifies you by email. As you can imagine, the solution is none other than reactivate subscription.

Problems with the Payment Method

Even if you haven’t deactivated automatic renewal, there may be problems with the payment method you have established. This can happen to you on other platforms, such as when Prime Video isn’t working.

Imagine that you created a virtual card to pay for the subscription. Then, without remembering that it was linked to the service, you deleted it. Another possibility is that your card has expired.

If any of these cases occur, Disney Plus will not be able to process the payment and you will lose access to your movies and series.

Error codes on Disney Plus

Sometimes applications display specific error codes. Thus, it is easier to know what exactly is happening.

Here are some of the common glitches you’ll see on Disney Plus apps:

  • Error code 89. You have timed out while paying for the subscription.
  • Error code 42. Appears when there are connection errors.
  • Error code 142. It is also displayed when connectivity is weak or failing.
  • Error code “We were unable to complete your payment”. You will see it if your subscription payment could not be completed.
  • Error code 83. It is a generic error that appears when there is a connection failure or an incompatible device is used, among other causes.
  • Error code 14. The email or password you are entering is not valid.
  • Error codes 91 and 92. Errors related to a high number of requests by the user.
  • Error code 1026. It is related to a bug in the application itself.
  • Error code 39. You will see it when the Disney Plus movies do not load.
  • Error code 73. You are trying to watch Disney Plus from an unsupported region.

My advice is to go to the official Disney Plus page, where they are listed all error codes and concrete solutions for each one.

Too many paired devices

You can use Disney Plus in a maximum of 10 devices. Therefore, if you try to log in on a mobile, PC or TV after reaching that limit, you will have problems.

What you should do is go to your account settings and Check how many devices you have linked to Disney Plus. Then, delete those you don’t use to add a new one.

Contact the Disney+ Help Center

Finally, I tell you about disney+ help center. There you will find answers to your questions, as well as solutions to very specific Disney Plus problems.

Also, at the bottom, there is a contact section from which to start a chat with an employee of the platform who will give you a hand to solve your problems.

Have I helped you? I hope so. Please support our work by sharing this guide on social media. Also, I look forward to your comments below. Get involved in our community!

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