How to Block a Hidden, Private or Unknown Number

Knowing how to block a private number is crucial. Receiving calls of this type is very common today, and in fact there are many people who, unfortunately, suffer these annoying calls almost daily. In fact, there are tools to create a fake phone number and be able to call another person without them knowing their identity, and many people take advantage of it.

There are applications that allow us to know who is calling us, although these may not be effective on some occasions. For this reason, the most recommended option is block hidden numbers something that will save you a lot of trouble.

In this article I am going to explain all the different ways you have to do it, whether you use Android or iOS.

Let’s go there!

How to Block a Hidden Number on Android

How to block calls from private or hidden numbers on Android will depend on the brand of your device. Most of the major manufacturers have their own systems to block hidden calls, as you will see a little later.

Now, I am also going to explain how to block calls from unknown numbers on any device, regardless of brand.

How to Block a Hidden Number According to the Manufacturer

As I have said, Xiaomi, Samsung or Huawei have their own systems to block private numbers. The best thing about this is that the way to do it in your interface It doesn’t differ too much from one brand to another.which makes it much easier for me to explain how to do it.

I will take a Samsung phone as an example for it. How to block a private number on Samsung is easy by following these steps:

  • Access the Phone app on your device.
  • Click on the three points that you will find in the upper right part of the screen.
  • In the dropdown that will appear, select settings.
  • Tap on Block numbers. It should appear at the top of the screen.
  • Activate the option block unknown numbers.

Once we activate this option we will no longer receive a call from a private or hidden number. If you are worried that in this way you may miss a specific call, you can always turn it off at any time following the same steps.

How to Stop Unknown Numbers from Calling me with an App

My recommendation is that, first of all, you always try to do the process that I have taught you just above. Now, in the event that your Android device does not have the same or similar system to the one mentioned, the solution that you can go to is through install a third-party app to avoid receiving calls from unknown numbers.

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In the application stores there are several applications to block calls that are very interesting and completely free. As a personal recommendation, I would like to advise you to opt for Blocker – Calls Blacklista very simple to use app, with a very intuitive interface and that will also consume very few resources from your phone.

To block calls from hidden or unknown numbers with this app, all you have to do is the following:

how to block a hidden number
  • Install and open the app on your device.
  • Grant it the permissions it will require. They will only be related to calls and messages.
  • Once inside the application, click on the three horizontal lines that you will find at the top left.
  • In the dropdown, click on Settings.
  • Select the first option (Block), and on the next screen click on Private Numbers either unknown numberss.

These two options are different, but both very useful. The first one will allow you to stop receiving those hidden calls that our caller ID cannot recognize. The second, much more restrictive, will directly prevent you from receiving calls from numbers that are not saved on your phone or SIM card. Both are perfect for blocking a private number that keeps calling.

How to Block Hidden Numbers on iOS

Blocking an unknown number on iPhone is also possible, although with certain nuances. Contrary to what happens with Android custom layers, here there is a way to block private numbers, but not in a concrete way. In other words, you can only block calls from numbers you don’t have saved.

Of course, the way to do it does not vary too much from what exists in Android. The steps to do this are these:

how to block hidden number
  • Access the Settings of your iPhone.
  • Swipe down on the screen and tap Phone.
  • In the next menu, also go down and click on mute strangers.
  • Activate the option and you will stop receiving calls from private numbers.

How to Block Unknown Numbers on a Landline

Blocking unknown numbers on a landline is a bit more complicated than on a mobile, but there are a few workarounds. Here are three common methods to block calls from private numbers on a landline:

  • Call your phone service provider: Contact the company that provides your phone service and ask about options to block calls from private or unknown numbers.
  • Buy a call blocker device: There are devices specifically designed to block unwanted calls on landlines. These devices connect between the phone and the phone line and allow you to block unknown numbers, specific numbers, or even groups of numbers (such as those that start with certain digits).
  • Using a phone with call blocking features: Some modern landlines include call blocking features, which allow you to block unknown or specific numbers directly from the phone. Please refer to the user manual or contact the phone manufacturer for information on how to use these features.
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Please note that while these methods can be helpful in blocking unwanted calls, they may not be 100% effective in all cases. Scammers and business telemarketers may change your numbers or use tactics to circumvent call blockers.

Tips for Dealing with Unwanted Calls

Here are some tips and tricks for dealing with unwanted calls, including from hidden or unknown numbers:

  • If you receive a call from an unknown or hidden numberIt’s best not to answer it. If it’s an important call, chances are they’ll leave you a voicemail or send you a text.
  • Set up a voice message on your phone so blind number callers can leave a message. If the call is legitimate, they will likely leave a message and you can call them back.
  • Sign up for “do not call” lists in your country to reduce the amount of commercial and promotional calls, such as robinson list. Although this will not block all unwanted calls, it does decrease their frequency.
  • Avoid sharing your number phone numbers on websites, social networks and other public platforms. You may also consider having a secondary phone number for business or promotional purposes.
  • If you suspect that you have received a fraudulent call, report the number to the appropriate authorities, such as local police or government agencies charged with protecting the consumer.

Block Calls From Private Numbers: all your doubts resolved

Now that you know how block calls from unknown numbersI finish this post solving all your doubts.

Can I block all hidden or unknown numbers on my phone?

Yes, on most mobile devices and some landlines it is possible block all unknown or hidden numbers. However, this can also block legitimate calls, such as from doctors, banks, or family members who are not in your contact list.

Does blocking a hidden number protect me from all unwanted calls?

Not necessarily. Scammers and telemarketers may change your numbers or use tactics to bypass call blockers. However, blocking hidden numbers will significantly reduce the number of unwanted calls you receive.

Is it legal for companies to call from hidden numbers?

depends on the laws and regulations of your country. In some places, it is illegal for companies to call from hidden numbers, while in others, it is legal as long as they meet certain requirements, such as identifying themselves at the beginning of the call.

How can I tell if an unknown call is a scam?

It can be difficult to determine if an unknown call is a scam. Some common signs Call fraud calls include pressing for personal or financial information, threatening legal action or fines, and demanding immediate payment.

With this I conclude with the explanation to block calls from hidden numbers, both on Android and iOS. I hope you have found it useful to end this annoying practice, and we appreciate you sharing this article with your acquaintances. Of course, if you have any questions or recommendations you can leave them written in comments.

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