How to Know if your Mobile Phone has Been Tapped or Intervened

“How do I know if my mobile is tapped?” This is a question that more and more people are asking in a world where technology is advancing rapidly and digital security has become a growing concern.

Although most technological advances are beneficial, there are people with malicious intent whose goal is to perform actions such as hacking Instagram, hacking WhatsApp or hacking Facebook, among others.

The same government of Spain has Pegasus, a spy app that can steal all kinds of information from a phone. If you’re worried about someone or the police tapping your phone, I will explain how you can know for sure And what can you do to remedy it?

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How to Know if your Mobile is Tapped

If you have come this far, it is because you suspect that your phone is bugged or you want to know if your phone is tapped by the police. And it can be so easily. There are a number of signs or clues that we can observe to verify it for sure, and they are all very simple things that anyone can do in a matter of minutes.

Our mobile behaves in a very strange way

Although this is more likely if your mobile is monitored, it is also useful to know if someone is listening to your phone calls. It is possible that you have observed in recent times that your mobile turns off or restarts itself, first symptom that should set off alarm bells.

In addition, it can also happen that several of your applications close by themselves or do strange things (whether they are commonly used or others that you use little), something that you can easily see in the notification center of your terminal.

A battery that does not last what it should

The autonomy of the device also suffers a lot if we have the mobile punctured in some way. If you have been with your mobile for some time, you will know more or less how often you have to charge it and connect it to the current and, if suddenly that time is drastically reduced, it means something is wrong.

You can keep track of how long your battery lasts by going to Settings > Battery:

Overheated phone: bad signal

As with the battery, the temperature of the phone is another point to control. Your device should always stay quite cool (mobile phones are made for it), with temperature spikes when using powerful apps or games, or when the phone is left exposed to the sun.

If you are making normal use of your device and suddenly notice that begins to have a higher than normal temperatureyou should start worrying that someone is tapping or hacking your mobile.

Keep a close eye on the applications installed on your smartphone

If there is a person or a group that is bugging your smartphone and they are doing it well, it is very likely that it will be very difficult for you to see something strange on your device. Now, the process may have been carried out or is being carried out due to the “fault” of an applicationand there you can investigate.

It is your turn to check all the applications you have installed on your mobile. It is possible that there are some that you do not remember having installed, or even a recent one that is not trusted and that as a result of it you have suspected that your mobile phone was tapped.

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To do this, go to Settings > Applications. There you can see all the ones you have installed:

how to know if your phone is tapped by the police

Some things that you should observe carefully when calling by phone

There is a way to know if the mobile is bugged that you will have seen in hundreds of movies. You will find an unmistakable symptom of this if you start listening strange or clicking noises when you’re on the phone with anyone.

In addition, continuous interference can also be a good symptom of it. It is possible that if you usually use the phone in areas with poor signal you are used to it, but outside of them this should immediately set off your alarms.

Your bill and schedule are two weapons against the tapped phone

The last way to find out whether or not we actually have the phone tapped can be on the bill. The companies have customer areas so that we can see our consumption in detail, and there we can see if we have calls, messages or even abnormal data consumption.

how to know if your phone has been tapped

In addition, another point that can occur if we are unfortunately in this situation is the loss or spontaneous appearance of contacts in the agenda. A quick look at it can give you a good clue, so do it as soon as possible.

How to know if your Phone has Been Tapped: Codes to know if My Mobile has Been Tapped

If none of the previous steps has helped you to verify that your mobile is bugged (or yes, but you are not sure), there are some things you can do to definitely clear up your doubts.

They are things that you can do on your own without having to go to any professional to do them for you, since in fact they are very easy.

Everything happens by entering a series of codes through the phone application that is present in all terminals. These codes are safe, so you don’t have to worry that they will damage your phone. The aforementioned codes are as follows:

  • *#62#: This code will help you check if you have conditioned call forwarding activated, both from the device itself and from a third party. When you mark it and press the call button, a message will appear on the screen that will tell you if the calls are redirected to another phone.
  • *#twenty-one#: An alternative to the previous code. In some devices it may happen that it provides you with additional information about call forwarding, although in others such as Samsung only the same information will appear as in the previous one.
how to know if your phone is tapped

The IMEI and a punctured mobile, nothing to do

Another solution that you can also find on some pages is to enter another code (*#06#). This number exists and will show you the IMEI of your device on the screen. The theory says that if this number appears with two zeros at the end, it means that they are listening to our calls, and if it appears with three, it is because they also have access to our data.

Now this information is wrong. The IMEI number is the DNI of a mobile phone and, except in rare illegal cases, it is not possible to modify it. If someone wants to bug our phone (either an individual or the police themselves) they will not bother to change this number, so I do not recommend that you use it because you will be wasting time.

My mobile is tapped: what do I do?

If you have come this far, you will know if your phone is indeed bugged. It is a situation that nobody wants to be in, since privacy is one of the most important things we have. There are a couple of things we can do to nip this in the bud, being a quick solution and another somewhat slower but safer.

The magic code to end call forwarding

With the codes above you will be able to diagnose the problem, but there is an additional one that will allow you to root out any possible call forwarding that you have activated on your device.

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This code, the **##002#, it will deactivate automatically and instantly with any diversion or redirection that you have activated. The process is not reversible, so if you carry it out and you had a detour activated, you will have to carry it out manually again.

Reset your mobile and configure it to forget about the problem forever

The previous solution is usually sufficient in the vast majority of cases, but there is one more way that can leave you calmer, since it is infallible. This solution happens because you make a backup copy of your mobile and restore it to the factory. It is true that this is an “extreme” solution, but as I say with it you make sure you don’t continue with the phone tapped.

The way to do this may vary depending on the manufacturer of your Android device. In Samsung, for example, the way to proceed would be the following:

  • Access Settings, and search with the magnifying glass for “Backup”.
  • Make a backup through the system that you like best (Samsung Cloud or Google Drive would be the best options in this case).
  • Now look in the magnifying glass “Reset terminal” and choose the option Restore factory settings.
  • When setting up your phone again, select restore from backup.

If you choose this route, it is always recommended that you install one of the best antivirus for Android, in addition to carrying out the checks that I have explained above.

Has your Cell Phone been Tapped? Frequent Questions

If, despite all of the above, there are still any questions, I will solve them all for you right now.

How to know if your phone is tapped by the police?

In Spain, the police might want to intervene a mobile phone in cases of criminal investigations, such as computer crimes, fraud or any other national security matter if they suspect that the owner of the device is involved in illegal activities or poses a threat for society.

The intervention of a mobile phone by the authorities is legal only if there is a court order authorizing the intervention. This order is issued by a judge after analyzing the evidence provided and determining that the intervention is proportionate and necessary for the case in question. However, the intervention of a mobile phone without judicial authorization is illegal and violates the right to privacy established in Spanish legislation and in the European Convention on Human Rights.

If you think you may be under surveillance for any reason mentioned, review this article from the beginning where you can detect signs to find out if the police have tapped your mobile.

How to know if my phone is intervened by WhatsApp?

To find out if your phone has been intervened through WhatsApp, you must pay attention to some signs and follow certain steps:

  • Check if your WhatsApp is open on another device and make sure there are no active sessions on devices you don’t recognize.
  • Check your conversations: If you notice that there are messages that you did not send or that have been read without you having opened them, it could be a sign of intervention.
  • Check the security of your chats: WhatsApp has end-to-end encryption, which means that only you and your contacts can read the messages. To verify this, go to a conversation, tap on the contact’s name, and select “Encryption.” Compare the QR code or 60-digit number with your contact’s to make sure your conversations are encrypted correctly.
  • Pay attention to strange behaviors: If you experience excessive battery drain, slow phone performance, or receive unexpected notifications, it could be a sign that something is wrong.
  • Keep your app up-to-date: Make sure you’re always using the latest version of WhatsApp, as updates often include security patches.

If you still suspect that your phone is hacked via WhatsApp, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the app, and changing your password for the email account associated with your phone number, as this can be the gateway for attackers.

With, your question about how to know if your mobile phone has been bugged will be resolved. Leave a comment if it has been useful to you and, of course, I appreciate you sharing this article with everyone who may find it useful.

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