I Can’t Register on TikTok 2023: All The Causes and Solutions

“TikTok won’t let me sign in!” Have you faced that problem? It is clear that we are talking about a very popular social network and, therefore, it is logical that you want to create an account in it to view the content that other people upload.

If you can’t open a new profile on TikTok, stay until the end. Here I give you all the reasons why it is not possible for you to open a new account on the platform. Also, I tell you if there is a solution and what to do in each case.

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Sorry, You Don’t Qualify for TikTok

The message you see in the title is very common. If it has appeared on the screen when you were trying to register, it means that there is a requirement that you are not meeting. Now, what demands does the social network pose for its new users?

What are the requirements to have a TikTok account?

There is a very relevant issue that you should take into account before making an account on TikTok. And it is that, if you are under 13 years oldthe social network will prevent you from opening a new profile.

During the process of creating an account, the platform will force you to indicate your date of birth. In this way, the message mentioned in the header of this section will appear.

In the event that you do not enter the correct date to bypass this restriction and upload content, possibly the moderators close your profile. But what can you do if you’re not old enough to use TikTok yet?

How to Enter TikTok Without an Account?

Entering TikTok without registering is the solution that many have found to the problem of creating accounts. How can you do it?

With the official website

This method works perfectly both on the computer and on the mobile. We refer to accessing the social video network through the web browser of your device. This is how it’s done:

  • Open the browser.
  • Enter the TikTok URL at the top (www.tiktok.com)
  • Start browsing the content thanks to the platform’s web application. You even have access to the section to discover content.

Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. View TikTok without the app and therefore without an account, it is not comfortable at all. In fact, every so often messages appear inviting you to download the application.

Why won't it let me register on tiktok?

The worst thing is that these notices do not disappear and force you to refresh the page.

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Use an Adult’s Account

the other way to access TikTok If you can’t create an account because you don’t meet the age requirement, ask an adult to provide you with theirs. Always under your permission and supervision.

With this you can access all content in a simple wayalthough you share with that person all the interactions you make within the platform.

Watch TikTok Videos on YouTube

YouTube is a service that is easy to access even without an account. You can watch TikTok videos directly from YouTube, either with the mobile app or with the browser.

Why can't I register on tiktok?

Simply putting the word “TikTok” in the search engine, you will access entire collections of videos. It is evident that this is not the same as using the application, but it helps you to see TikTok content by categories.

Why Can’t I Sign up for TikTok?

Now you know that to have a TikTok account you need to be at least 13 years old. However, it is possible that, despite meeting this requirement, you may have problems when creating your account on the platform.

Next, I will tell you what are some of the most common mistakes that prevent you from opening a profile on TikTok.

you have no connection

If you want to create an account on TikTok, you need internet connection. Make sure the WiFi signal is strong or that you have coverage. If not, you may see an error appear time after time on the screen.

The app doesn’t work

Is it possible that the TikTok app is not working well? As with any app, the answer is a resounding yes. There are several ways to detect that this is the case:

  • Sign up from a browser. Thus, in the application you will only have to log in.
  • Update to the latest version. Sometimes developers release buggy updates. Check that there is no patch released on the Play Store and update the app on Android or update the app on iOS depending on your device.
  • Check if TikTok is down. When there is a general failure in the service, you will not be able to open a new profile. You will have to wait for those responsible to solve the error. You can check it in downdetector.
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TikTok: You do not qualify

Why is TikTok telling me I’m not eligible? If this happens to you, the solution is very simple: check the date of birth you entered during the registration process.

Most likely you have put a wrong year in the selector. Once you enter the correct date of birth, TikTok will know that you are over 13 and will allow you to continue.

Your account has been suspended

Finally, the fact that your account has been suspended will cause an error message to appear every time you try to access it.

Also, TikTok will most likely not let you sign up again with the same username. In these cases, my recommendation is that you register with some new credentials.

If you believe that you have not violated the TikTok rules, please contact the moderators to explain the situation.

Problems Registering on TikTok: Frequently Asked Questions

In case there is any doubt, here I answer the frequently asked questions about the problems of registering a new account on the platform.

What date should be put on TikTok?

When you sign up for TikTok, you are asked to enter your date of birth to verify your age. just write your actual date of birth to meet TikTok’s age requirements. The minimum age to create an account on TikTok is 13 years.

How to fix TikTok error?

To fix a bug on TikTok, first identifies the type of error you’re experiencing, such as login, video upload, playback, or connectivity issues.

then try basic solutions like restarting the app, checking your internet connection, updating TikTok to the latest version and restarting your device. If the problem persists, search for specific solutions online or contact support.

I hope this article helped you fix TikTok won’t let you sign up issue. Please share it with other users on social networks. Also, comment a little below to leave your opinion. I read you!

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