The 70 Best ChatGPT Prompts for Marketing

On previous occasions we have seen some of the most interesting “prompts” or instructions for ChatGPT related to content creation. In THIS POST we talked about numerous ideas for writing articles for blogs and web pages, SEO optimization and content for social networks.

Today we are going to get fully into another very specific sector of the creation of written content: the world of marketing, copywriting and advertising. We are talking about three niches that are quite related to each other, so it may be interesting to see how we can use ChatGPT’s Artificial Intelligence to give our creativity a boost and improve our performance as marketers.

The best ChatGPT Prompts in Spanish for The World of Marketing

Before starting, if you are new to ChatGPT and generative text models, I recommend that you take a look at the post “10 basic prompts to exploit the potential of ChatGPT”. With that said, let’s get straight to the point.

Marketing Campaings

  • Perform a market analysis of product X in market Y.
  • Please explain to me how to create a successful social media marketing campaign for (topic).
  • Give me a step-by-step marketing plan for a (type of business) oriented to (target audience).
  • Design 10 eye-catching social media ads for a new (business) that just opened its doors in city X.
  • Give me a script for a 30 second video on X topic, service or product.
  • Write 10 thought-provoking questions to ask in a survey targeting youth in X age range.
  • Write 5 effective and convincing sales pitches for product X.
  • Brainstorm 10 ideas for (goal).
  • Create a schedule for a 3-month social media campaign for our product X with goal Z and mention the channels we need to focus on.
  • Give me 7 viral ideas for Instagram Reels about X product or service.
  • Generate 7 viral ideas for TikTok about X product or service.
  • Explain to me the most common difficulties you face (description of the buyer’s personality).
  • List the key marketing segments in X industry. What segment has the greatest opportunity for my company (explain what your company does)?
  • What are the top 10 points to consider for marketers trying to get new customers in X industry?
  • Generate an AIDA for X product or service.
  • Write a template to create a sales pitch for X product or service.
  • Walk me through how to create a marketing campaign that resonates with my target audience. Note: Also explain what your target audience is like.
  • List different ways to market my brand on TikTok.


  • Write a promotional LinkedIn post about X product or service.
  • Write the script for a 3 second Facebook ad about X product or service.
  • Write a series of introductory emails so that (target audience) buy (product, service).
  • Write a press release about our next event. Include the date, time, location, and purpose of the event. Note: Be sure to give ChatGPT all the necessary details.
  • Write 5 different YouTube descriptions for our video on X topic.
  • Generate X questions for a Facebook poll on X topic.
  • Write 5 tweets to generate interest in X product, company or service.
  • Write an eye-catching email headline to convince potential customers to switch to our service.
  • Rewrite this email three times with different writing techniques.
  • Write 7 ad titles for Google Ads to promote the following URL.
  • Create 3 ideas for a call-to-action button based on the content of the following URL (insert URL).
  • Create 5 different buttons and CTA messages for my website. My website is a store that sells (product or service).
  • Write 5 CTAs (or “Calls to Action”) that create urgency in the reader.
  • Prepare 7 persuasive calls to action (“Call-to-Action”) related to X topic.
  • Write an article for LinkedIn on X topic as if it had been written by a company CEO.
  • Provides a list of the best SEO blog titles for a website that sells X product.
  • Create 5 eye-catching slogans that illustrate the characteristics of a new (product) line.
  • Write 8 eye-catching email titles to introduce X product or service to (target audience).
  • Write 10 informative and concise tweets that inform people about the latest trends in (subject or topic).
  • Develop 5 catchy and clever slogans that promote online courses on (topic).
  • Create 10 powerful customer testimonials for a (scope) product aimed at (target) people.
  • Write 5 compelling headlines for a blog post about the importance of using X product.
  • Write 10 creative and persuasive slogans for an app aimed at people X to Y years old.
  • You are an SEO specialist. Write 5 articles to cover the keyword “XYZ”
  • Can you give me some ideas to write a blog post on how to unsubscribe from a newsletter?
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Tips and Learning

If you’ve just recently entered the world of marketing or want to refresh some ideas and concepts, try suggesting the following prompts to ChatGPT.

  • Explain to me what is the impact of influencer marketing on brand recognition.
  • Explain to me how the PAS (Pain, Agitate, Solution) marketing formula works.
  • Which marketing channels have the highest ROI?
  • Which marketing channels have the lowest ROI?
  • What marketing tactics should I take advantage of to reach my target audience? Note: Be sure to describe your target audience.
  • Develop what is the impact of virtual reality and augmented reality in the world of marketing. Is it important today?
  • What impact does search engine optimization (SEO) have on a marketing strategy?
  • How can I use my customer data to improve marketing tactics?
  • How can I combine traditional and digital marketing for maximum impact?
  • Explain to me how to create an effective marketing strategy for a new product launch.
  • Justify the importance of measuring and adjusting your marketing strategy in real time.
  • What role does customer experience play in modern marketing strategies?
  • Explain to me the importance of using narrative and storytelling for a successful marketing campaign.
  • What is the best marketing channel?
  • How can I use email marketing to drive conversions?
  • What are the benefits of content marketing for companies?
  • How can I measure the success of a marketing campaign?
  • What advantages does video marketing offer for my company’s brand?
  • Explain to me how I can maximize the ROI (return on investment) of my marketing budget.
  • How can I harness the impact of user-generated content in my marketing strategy?
  • Write 7 best practices for creating a mobile-optimized marketing campaign.
  • What role does event marketing play in brand recognition?
  • Explain to me the benefits of creating a multi-channel marketing approach.
  • How can I effectively target my audience through marketing?
  • What is the impact of personalization in the world of marketing and sales?
  • How can I get backlinks of high quality to improve the SEO of my web page?
  • How can I promote a website for free? Give me five ideas.
  • How important is the storytelling brand in marketing?

As you can see, ChatGPT can be a very useful assistant to improve our marketing techniques, give us new ideas and facilitate the creation of fresh and effective content. If you know of other interesting prompts for ChatGPT related to marketing, feel free to drop by the comments area. Thanks for staying until the end!

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