The Best Apps to Find Out What Town Festivals Are on Today: Guide 2023

Year after year, the village festivals attract hundreds of tourists to enjoy the traditions and peculiarities of every corner of the Spanish geography.

Now, being aware of all these, as well as their start date and the main activities to be carried out, can be a bit tedious given the amount of time you have to spend researching.

For this reason, if you want to manage everything in one place, you can make use of the town festival appsthe best tools you can use to see which locations are celebrating and what they offer to locals and visitors.

The Best Apps and Websites to Find Out What Town Festivals are Taking Place this Weekend

At this point, surely you already sense that the applications for see parties near me they are not that common in app stores.

However, if we dig a little, we can find some very interesting tool. So, we have gathered 2 of the best apps that currently exist, whose content is continually updated. Along with these, we have also included a website with which you can manage access to the celebrations from your mobile.

Do you want to meet them? So it’s time to talk a little about them. Without further ado, these are the channels where you can find out about the town festivals:

Net Parties

Is one of the best known pages to be able to consult activities, dates and times of the main festivals in Spain. Its operation is very simple, when you enter from one of your devices you will be able to see the latest updates on the screen (that is, the next festivities in each town).

If the one you are looking for is not on the home page, you can click on the section on your left, Regionswhere you can choose one of the Autonomous Communities -and later the province- in order to display all the festivities to be celebrated in the remainder of the year.

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The content is cataloged chronologically and you can also filter it through keywords. To do this, go to the right and select some of the activities on the list. Although it does not have its own app, Your website is very functional and fully optimized for mobile devices.

They are Parties

With more than 5 years in the marketis another of the tools that you can use if you want an app that is easily accessible on your mobile.

SonFiestas integrates into its database the main celebrations of the country, organizing everything by place, date and activities. If you want to integrate a local party, you can contact the developers to include it as soon as possible. These are open to follow increasing its internal catalog to improve the experience for all users.

Among its main functionalities, you can directly share the events on your social networks or make use of the map to find out how to get to the epicenter of the festivities in case you don’t know the place. You can also access an image bank of past organizations and a full description of why you should join. Available for iOS and Android.

Popular Festivals

Little-known app, but that can be useful on more than one occasion. Its weak point is that its database only collects festivals from the most popular towns, forgetting those that have little significance on a national scale. However, you can contact the developers to include the celebrations of your town in the list.

As for its interface, it works as a calendar where you can see the events sorted by date. You also have access to maps of the towns so that you can reach the destination without difficulty and information of all the activities that are part of each day.

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On the other hand, if you like the dark mode, then the application will be to your liking, since you can activate it permanently. Likewise, your notification system it will prevent you from forgetting any festivity on the calendar. Simple, easy and functional.

How to Find the Apps of Each Town Festival

If you are looking for apps specific to a town that show you all the festive events that are in the month, you may be a little disappointed, since There are hardly any apps of this type on Google Play or the App Store.

Although you can find some websites of this type, the best you have at hand are the applications that show a specific holidaywhich provide you with all the information regarding it: schedules, maps, events, contact telephone numbers and even places of interest for tourists (such as restaurants or parking spaces).

In this case, there are several options you have on the table, such as the app San Fermin Pamplona, Patum de Berga either Pillar parties. These three will keep you up to date with all the information regarding each of these parties.

On the other hand, if you can’t find a holiday-specific app, you can also download one that is from the town hall. For example, on both iOS and Android you can install InfoBilbaothe official tool with which you can access all the local activities of the city.

In short, with the previous examples you can get an idea of ​​what you need to plan your next weekend. Although most of the festivities are concentrated in summer, there are many more that are celebrated in other months of the year. You will enjoy the most popular traditions!

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