The Best Apps to Keep a Travel Diary with your Mobile

Have you ever wanted to have a Complete record of your trips and experiences. It has happened to me too! For this reason, I have dedicated myself to looking for applications that allow me to plan itineraries and record special moments during my trips.

In this post, I present to you five travel journal apps They are very helpful and will allow you to document your journeys in an easy and organized way. So you can relive your experiences whenever you want and from anywhere!

The 5 Best Travel Journal Apps

Each new destination has something special that you will want to remember in the future. Travel apps, as well as journaling apps, are useful tools for this purpose. This is because they allow you to keep an orderly record of what happens during your excursions.

Next, I show you a selection of the best applications so that you can bring your own travel tracker and have lasting memories.


This is one travel diary app for Android that allows you capture and share your experiences while you travel. With Journi you can create a digital journal with photos, notes and interactive maps that show the places you’ve visited from your mobile.

In addition, the application has the function of personalizing your tickets and creating travel albums. Journi Blog also integrates with other travel planning apps like Tripadvisor, so you can get personalized recommendations.

Find Penguins

If you are an adventure lover, you cannot stop trying Find Penguins. This app to keep a travel diary also allows you to organize an agenda on your mobile. With it you can document your adventures, add photos and descriptions and communicate with other travelers and backpackers in the community by Find Penguins.

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You can too explore new routes and discover exciting destinations for future trips, using any device. The app works like a logbook, since it has maps that show all your routes and photos in each place you’ve visited.

FindPenguins: Travel Tracker
FindPenguins: Travel Tracker
‎FindPenguins: Travel Tracker
‎FindPenguins: Travel Tracker


Polarsteps is another great option for you if you are looking for a travel notebook for your mobile. With this travel diary app for Android you can make an interactive program, add photos, remindersand share your trips with other colleagues campers.

This travelogue app has an automatic tracker. In addition, with this app you can customize your map by adding your routes and the locations where you have captured your photos. As if that were not enough, if you want to save your memories in a special way, the app create a photo book for you.

Polarsteps - Travel Tracker
Polarsteps - Travel Tracker
Developer: Polarsteps
Price: Free


If your goal is to have everything organized in one place, the TripIt app is a great app for keeping a travel journal. All you have to do is forward your flight confirmations, hotel reservations and car rentals to TripIt.

With the help of others apps to find cheap hotels and apps to buy flights, Triplt is able to create a detailed itinerary for you. You will also receive notifications of changes to your itinerary, boarding gates or cancellations. you can even share your plans travel with friends to see all the information on an interactive map.

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TripIt: Reiseplaner
TripIt: Reiseplaner
Developer: TripIt, Inc.
Price: Free
‎TripIt: Reiseplaner
‎TripIt: Reiseplaner
Developer: TripIt
Price: Free+

Day One Journal

With Day One Journal, you can create digital itineraries, add photos, notes, and locations along your journey. This travel diary app offers reminders and allows you create multiple journalsin a way as creative as the apps to write books.

In addition, you can customize the appearance of your journals and sync them across all your devices. If you want to print your journals and notes, the app can create a photo book of your trip. It is ideal so that you do not forget to document any important moment.

These travel diary apps will make the experience much more complete, especially if you combine them with others, like a good calendar app or apps to organize events, in case the trip has a special reason.

Which of them would you dare to try on your next trip? Tell me in the comments! Finally, if you found this post useful, feel free to share it! So other people can also make a diary of their trips and escapades.

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