Twitter is Down: How to Check? Solutions to All Problems

Twitter is one of the most popular social platforms of the moment. Although it almost never goes down, sometimes its servers crash. In that case, how do you know if it really is due to a Twitter crash? What can you do to get back into your account?

In this article we explain the most effective methods to verify if Twitter is down or not. In addition, we show you the solutions to the most frequent errors that users suffer when using this social network.

Is Twitter working badly? Read on to fix it!

Do you have Problems on Twitter? Find out if it’s down

When we talk about a Twitter drop, we refer to a failure that affects all users in general or some in particular. The error comes from the server, which is in charge of keeping the service running.

When you have verified that everything is fine on your mobile phone, but Twitter works badIt’s the fault of the service itself. There are ways to ensure that this is so.

Check if Twitter is down with specialized pages

When twitter is downThere are specialized pages that warn of this situation. They will come in very handy to confirm that what is really happening is that the platform is not available. These are:

  • downdetector. It is a website in which the status of an infinity of services appears. Among them is Twitter. If it appears on the main page, chances are high that the servers have stopped working. Otherwise, use the search engine to locate it.
  • is failing. Platform similar in appearance to the previous one that identifies problems in telephone companies, video games and social networks. Use your search engine to see the status of Twitter.
  • An alternative to the other two proposals on this list. Again, the search engine is your ally to make sure that Twitter is malfunctioning. Of course, if the error is widespread, the platform will surely appear on the main page.
  • IsItDownRightNow. Website that shows the status of a web page with a simple colored box. The red color means that the Twitter service is down and the green one means that it is online.
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With these four sites you have a good chance of confirming that Twitter is failing. But there are other ways that are worth knowing.

Check other social networks

As we explained to you for when Instagram doesn’t worka good way to know if a service like Twitter is down is consult other social networks.

It is strange that Facebook or Instagram talk about the fall of Twitter. But it is not so rare that they start to appear reddit threads in which other users report the problems they have with the social network.

Check the official Twitter status page

Twitter has a official website in which it shows the status of its different components. access it from your browser to check if the service is still operational.

Ask your contacts

Is there someone among your contacts who uses Twitter a lot? So, ask him if he’s managed to post anything in the last few hours or if you can access his timeline from mobile and computer.

The response you receive, along with the rest of the tricks explained up to this point, will allow you to confirm if Twitter is having problems or if your device is to blame. In the end, consulting acquaintances is a good option for everything, even to find out if you have a shadowban on Twitter.

twitter fails

Is Twitter failing today? Solutions to specific errors

There are specific bugs that could worsen the user experience when using Twitter. Do you want to know the solutions? Some of them are similar to the ones we tell you about when you cannot enter Wallapop or WhatsApp has crashed.

Oops, something went wrong. Try again later

Oops, something went wrong. Try again later” is a common mistake on Twitter. But what does “something went wrong” mean on Twitter? The reasons that cause it are the following:

  • Little coverage or low Wi-Fi signal.
  • Cache miss. The solution is to clear the cache on your phone.
  • There is no connection or there are network cuts.
  • The content is no longer available.
  • Twitter is down.

Tweets are not loading right now

The normal thing is that the service is down if this message appears, but there are also other causes:

  • You don’t have a network connection.
  • The app is crashing and you need to restart it.
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Error uploading video or uploading fleets

When the fault is that you can’t upload content such as videos or fleets, the causes may be the following:

  • There is an error in the application. Try another device, such as a PC, to see if that is the problem.
  • You do not have an Internet connection.
  • The video format is not supported. The supported extensions are MP4 and MOV.

505 error on Twitter

He error 505 actually originates from the HTTP protocol. All errors starting with number five reveal that the problem is with the remote server.

If a message with this code appears, there is little you can do, since the fault lies with the platform itself.

unknown error

This message appears in various applications to indicate that there is an unidentified problem. It can happen to you when Prime Video isn’t working or there are bugs on HBO Max. And, of course, it is also possible that it will be displayed if Twitter is down.

In the event that Twitter is crashing today and lets you know with the message “unknown error”, the best thing is that you try this:

  • Access from another device to rule out problems on your mobile.
  • Try to use other features of the app. The failure may appear in specific areas of the service.
  • Clear the cache of the application and restart it.

Twitter notifications not coming

Are Twitter notifications not arriving and is the service working correctly? So the problem could be related to the app settings and one of the reasons why Twitter does not work on mobile.

Make sure you haven’t blocked notifications in system settings and that you haven’t turned on Do Not Disturb mode. On the other hand, enter the notification settings in the application it self and check that the settings are correct.

Other Twitter errors

Finally, you may be experiencing other errors that we have not mentioned here. What solutions are effective for most problems?

  • Update to the latest version of the app.
  • Clear cache from Android settings.
  • Check the Internet connection.
  • Check if there are errors in Twitter and its servers.

We hope this guide has helped you solve the problems you have with this app. If not, probably twitter is down and you have to wait for it to reset. Share this article on social networks and leave us your comment below!

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